Do you know that you can receive your android notifications on your desktop PC using Google Chrome or Firefox browser? This is very useful because you can see your phone’s notifications on your PC, you currently sitting in front of, without pulling your phone out from pocket or your phone isn’t near you and you may miss a call or any other notifications. Obviously you are interested in this kind of feature. There are several android apps to mirror your android notifications with desktop but I have been using “Desktop Notifications” app for a while and found it working great and very easy to configure.

Make Android notifications appear on desktop

Using “Desktop Notifications” to mirror android notifications with Desktop

Desktop Notifications  is a free android app which is built to forward Android Phone or Tablet notifications right to you PC desktop with a Browser companion extension. That means you need to install a browser plugin to make this service work. Your phone and PC do not need to be connected to the same network. Just make sure they are both connected to internet. Still it’s very easy to configure.

1: Head to Google Play Store and search for “Desktop Notifications” developed by hcilab(link provided at the end). Install the app.

2. Open the app. Enable the App’s access to Accessibility Service. Then make sure the app says, the accessibility service is “enabled”.

Enable Accessibility Service

3. In the meantime, grab the browser extension. Browser companion extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox (links provided at the end). After installing the browser extension, click on the extension icon and enter the authentication code. If you find it hard to input the code manually, use “Send Mail”  option in android app to receive the code via mail, copy it and paste.

Configure Browser addon for Desktop notifications service

You can also configure how much time the notification will appear on your screen. For Google Chrome, the service should work if chrome is running in background too. No matter which desktop OS you are using, it should work on both MAC and Linux besides Windows if you are using Firefox or chrome. As for chrome, it should also work on Chromebook too.

This is very helpful for those who spend huge time working on PC and shaking their head toward their phone to checkup the new text message or phone would make them feel disturb.With this app, you no need to break your current state to get the phone, pull the notification-bar and search for any new notification. As long as the app is configured properly and the phone is connected to online, your phone notifications directly appear on your big desktop screen. SO you can read them instead of checking your phone directly.

[Links: Android app on Play Store | Chrome Extension on Chrome Store| Firefox Addon]


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