Google’s Chrome was one of the pioneers to bring web browser sync among multiple devices seamlessly. If you sing into Chrome using your Google account in purpose of synchronization, Chrome will sync your passwords, bookmarks, themes, extensions, auto-fills, etc. with other devices on which you are using Chrome. For example, once you sign in to a website in Chrome on Windows, you won’t have to re-enter the username and password for that website again in Chrome on Android. Chrome will auto-fill the log in credentials for that site for you on all of your devices.

The Problem

Suppose you are signed in to a website and Chrome also have your password for that website. Now if you happen to reset or change the password of the website, Chrome will save the new password, but won’t remove the old one. By this way, Chrome will have two different passwords for the same site’s same sign in page. Now when you try to sign in to that website on another device, Chrome may get confused of which password to use. In this case, sometimes, Chrome may auto-fill the old (wrong) password or leave the password field empty. Thus you face trouble using Chrome’s password sync feature. This scenario happens to me frequently. Let’s see how we can fix this.

Incorrect password input by Chrome

To show you fixing procedure, I’ll use a website (, my ISP’s website) of which my Chrome stored and syncing multiple passwords and usernames. We will remove old/incorrect passwords and usernames and keep the updated/correct ones in two different methods. You can use either of the methods.

Method 1: From Login Page

  1. Head to the website’s login page.
    Login page with wrong password inserted by Chrome
  2. At the end of the address bar (top-right corner) of Chrome, click on the ‘key‘ icon that says ‘Manage your passwords’.
    Chrome Manage your passwords bubble icon
  3. A floating pop-up will come displaying all saved usernames/passwords (use second method to see passwords). Click on ‘x‘ icon next to the login credentials which you wanted deleted from chrome.
    Chrome on-page password manager
  4. Done! Now reload the login page and Chrome should fill username and password filled with the remaining (correct ones) credentials.

Method 2: From Chrome Saved Password Manager

  1. Click on Chrome hamburger icon and choose Settings.
    Open Chrome Settings
  2. Click Show Advanced Settings... from bottom area.
    Open Chrome advanced settings
  3. Click Manage passwords under Passwords and forms section.
    Open Chrome Password Manager
  4. Find out the website’s entry and click Show buttons to reveal passwords too.
    Make passwords visible
  5. Delete old and incorrect passwords by click on ‘x‘ next to password and keep the correct one.
    Delete stored old passwords from Chrome
  6. You are done.

Since this kind of issue happened to me too, I still wonder, how Chrome handles multiple saved passwords for a single site. Many Facebook users seem to fall victim to this problem as they happen to change/reset Facebook passwords multiple times.

Now you no more need to type the correct password every time you login to somewhere.


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