Download Full Skype free for Windows XP, Vista and 7It’s very irritating when a website sends us online installer. Because an online installer is a little size of program which requires internet connection to install the main software on computer completely. Offline installers are cool because we can save them on computer and install them quickly whenever necessary. It’s also hassle to install any program with online installer when the internet connection is slow. A few days ago I also shared about some offline installers like Google chrome offline installer, Java run time environment offline setup, internet explorer 9 download and more.

If you are not acquainted much about Skype, Skype is one of the most popular online instant messaging services which enables text messaging, video calling and online calling service. You need their client software to use their service. Skype application is available for all most popular desktop and mobile platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Symbian, Android, iPhone etc.

To download latest set of skype, click one of the following links. If one not work then try another.

#1. Download Skype full for Windows (Stable, MSI installer).
#2. Download Skype full for Windows or here (Stable, EXE installer).
#3. Download Skype full for Windows (Latest beta, EXE installer)

If none of them is working for you then go Softpedia’s Skype full Download page where you will get all latest setups. The traditional skype download page is here.


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