Download files from url to dropboxLeaving your home PC and the office miles behind, you are on the go. That hand-held device is the only companion you keep. And, you have landed at a unique web page of your particular liking. Securing that page would still not be a sticky issue. Cloud computing era has made it easy to work even when there is no computer around to work with. One can even choose by design not to use a PC even when it is up and close to download web content. Just give the URL of the file to Dropbox and that’s it. Dropbox copies and stores the file without the need of a PC in between. One does not have to email files for viewing them later on. The file, downloaded to the Dropbox can be easily synced with all the computers of a networked office place and smart phones. That has actually solved the question of accessibility in a very efficient manner. The icing is – it ensures hundred percent security of material downloaded from the web.

Sometimes downloading web pages to a system in the cloud becomes imperative too. That happens more when a file is 50 MB or more in size. In such a case, the time consumed might be a literal irritant. While big files take hours to download in a PC, uploading them on a cloud system again feels like getting caught in flabby grounds. So, bigger files are directly downloaded to the Dropbox for ease and without losing much time, without much of a strain on the servers and bandwidth. That is a clear advantage in environments, where every passing minute counts. Mobile devices on slow connections too could benefit from this. At least, the web browsing experience could be enhanced with this cloud service. All one requires is an account with URL droplet. Log on to that account and start downloading files from web directly to Dropbox – it’s easy and it works with all platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry apart from that good old PC.

Thankfully, URL Droplet is not the only service to offer this advantage. There are tens of other similar cloud service providers. sideCLOUDload is one more such service. It starts working on a simple hint. Log on to your personal account created with it, then enter file download link. That sets it working. This service allows the users to bookmark a web resource too. Copy the chosen URL first and then click the bookmarklet. A dialog box appears on the screen. Paste the URL link on it. And forget all those computer crashes and lost data. The need to purchase an extra hard disk drive to store data too does not exist anymore.

SugarSync,, Google Docs, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive, Wuala, MiMedia, Syncplicity and a host of other such apps offer the same services. All of them have their own strong and weak points. They are seriously studying and eliminating the downsides of their services in a sustained way.


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