Chrome instant search” is a searching feature in Google chrome browser with which chrome will show search result preview as per you type in chrome search/address bar even before you hit enter. It helps to find search results for every approach in your search term. But one of our readers told me that chrome is automatically showing search results as he type anything in chrome search bar and he don’t like it. He asked me how to stop it.

TechGainer : Instant search results in chrome for TechgainerAbove screen-shot makes it clear that the chrome browser’s instant search is switched on it’s instantly showing search results for the term “techgainer” before I hit enter. So want to know how to switch off or on it is? It’s as easy as drinking a glass of water!

How to Disable or Enable Chrome Instant Search

1. Click on the Wrench Icon (tools icon) at the top right corner of chrome’s tool bar.
2. Select Options (Preferences on Mac and Linux; Settings on Chrome OS).
3. Click the Basics tab.(by default you should be on basics tab)

disable or enable google search chrome instant search

4. In the “Search” section, use the “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing” checkbox to enable or disable the Instant feature.
5. You are done!
When Instant Search May not work?

In some cases chrome instant search may not work even after enabling instant search. There are several causer for this issue.

Connection speed: If you’re on a particularly slow Internet connection or network, you won’t see dynamic results since chrome want to make sure that your browsing and search experience is as fast as possible.
Certain searches: Certain types of searches that may be inappropriate will not trigger results to appear automatically.
Incognito windows: Instant is not available in this mode.


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