ask Linux question, get help, solve Linux problemAs Linux is the third most used desktop based operating system after Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X, it has less support than Windows and mac. So if you have question why it has less support though it’s an advanced OS? There are many answers. The big factor is as Windows or Mac has big market share so all peoples are rushing to them because they get anything for those and because software developers or companies want to see which OS are mostly using. So when a person comes to use a Linux dsitro like Ubuntu he don’t get everything he wants.

As for Ubuntu(a most popular Linux distro) there are many questions like how to install Ubuntu, installing any software and driver, how to Install Ubuntu without removing windows with dual boot, how to configure network, how to run windows programs on Ubuntu and more and more. It’s only some examples of problems for only Ubuntu Linux. But you may using other Linux like Red Hat, Fedora, Back Track, openSUSE, Debian, Tux etc and having different types of critical problems.

Here I listed 10 Websites to Solve Your Any Linux related problems

#1 – Google
Google is made to search anything on the web. So why not you make use of Google for your problem? I’m sure you will get almost any problem solved from thousands of websites. Also learn how to become a Google hacker to get anything from google.

#2 –
Linux Question is a Linux forum where you can get many solved question regarding to different types of troubles. You can also join there by registering and ask your questions and get help.

Howtogeek’s Linux tag page is not a forum. It’s a cool blog which contains almost all necessary artiles on different kinds of tuturials with screendshots. Their turorials are very easy to understand and you will really enjoy.

Linux forums is also a community forum like LinuxQestions. You can also get qifferent kinds of solved answares and also ask your own problem by joining.

#-5 –
They are really geek. If you are using Ubuntu Linux, you must need to check it out. All tutorials are very clear and you will also learn many things there. I highly recommend it for everybody.

#6- Wikipedia
It’s no need to mention the importance of Wikipedia. You will get all wikis with details related Linux system and it will help you to become more effective user of Linux. Also learn how to download whole Wikipedia and read it offline.

Ubuntuforums is official forum site of site. So they will take your problem with extra weight. A good support team is there to help you regarding to your Ubuntu problem.

Ubuntuguide is actually a wiki site which contains many common troubleshootings that ubuntu fall. All guides are very clear and explaines how they work.

#9- Distro Specific Forums
Ubuntuforums is an example of distro specific forum which is dedicaded only for. Every Linux distro has their own forum community. So if you are using Fedora Linux, then you need to join fedora forum at and if you are running openSUSE Linux then join openSUSE forum at and so on. use google to find out which distro forum is for you.

#10- Distro Specific Package Download Sites
Linux packages are those sites which provides softwares packages and repositories for their distro. For example will contain all software packages installable on Ubuntu linux and for Debian all debian packages can be found at

#11- DistroWatch
Distrowatch is nither a help portal nor a blog. But they will help you to quick download any linux distro on you choise and before downloading you can take a glance of overview of that linux. For example will  provied download links and quick summery of Ubuntu linux. This site is great and must recommended for everybody. You can also order DVD version from here.

After all I want to tell you if you really love Linux, it’s up to you to find out the way to solve your problem. Also check out what is Linux Distro.  Linux is user friendly but not friendly for Ignorants and Idiots.


Jaber is a Programmer and Tech Enthusiast Geek from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is the founder and Chief-Editor of TechGainer. While he is away from his keyboard, either he's fishing or messing with wildlife. In case, you can contact him at rijans[at]techgainer[dot]com.