It’s no doubt that the importance of Wikipedia cannot be described in words. Every day we frequently need it just like as Google. Due to it’s quality and of having huge wikis, it has become the number one Encyclopedia website in the web.

wikipedia official logo

But generally if we want to read any wiki, we need to go to Wikipedia’s website. That means we need a working internet connection and need to access a browser. What to do if you want to read Wikipedia in offline without internet connection? Yes you have many options. Because now there are many programs exist for different operation systems which will allow us to download Wikipedia database and will let us to read them from offline! So I want to introduce you with a little program called “WikiTaxi” which is only made for windows. For Other Operating Systems and mobiles check here.

What is WikiTaxi ?

WikiTaxi logo

WikiTaxi logo

It is a portable application that delivers the Wikipedia of your choice to wherever you go. WikiTaxi enables you to read, search, and browse Wikipedia offline. No Internet connection is needed, all pages are stored in a WikiTaxi database. Because Wikipedia is constantly growing, WikiTaxi uses compression to make sure that the database stays as small as possible.
Official home page of WikiTaxi :

How to Use WikiTaxi to Read WikiPedia Offline from Windows ?

Just download WikiTaxi from here. Then unzip the archive file and run “WikiTaxi.exe” . This program will tell you what to do.

Run wikitaxi.exe and folloow the steps it tell

Run wikitaxi.exe and folloow the steps it tell

Follow the step that the above program tells you. Because you have to download wikipedia’s main database to read with WikiTaxi.


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