WiFi TechnologyWiFi technology is a very contemporary term used these days. What exactly is WiFi technology? Defining WiFi technology in simple words is that it is wireless networking between two or more than two computers keeping the internet mode aside. Basically, the WiFi term originated from the term HiFi that is the high frequency used in musical notes. So, WiFi is the hireless frequency that connects more than two computers or laptops without any networking cable. This facility demands an access point more specifically a router from where signals are emitted and received.

Now over viewing some of the applications and advantages this technology has provided, the first one is a clean and non messy environment. If you have a PC at home and your siblings have their own individual laptops you can connect all of them at the same time through WiFi. You can enjoy gaming and can take prints through the main PC or print server without the mess of networking wires all around and keeping your surrounding clean.

It is a very ease providing technology that enables you to use internet wherever you are in your house. Even if you are out of your place within a certain range you can use the facility on your laptops and your cell phones. If you are running a company and you need to distribute some excel sheets or have to share a word document or presentation in ppt you can use this technology with your employees desktop computers.

Wifi Coverage in a City

A whole city can be provided by WiFi by deploying internet routers at distant positions. This is not at all inapplicable as some of the European countries have already.

WiFi is not bounded to some small business companies and houses. You can use it in many and versatile ways to have a good earning and to run your company in a more profitable way. Many people starting either a small home-based business or a multinational firm or company are opting for the WiFi technology just in the name that it has wide range of applications.


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