From the long time I was seeing people went crazy about an issue on Facebook called “Question Party“. So what actually it is? Actually Question Party is a Facebook application developed by GroupPulse, Inc. It is made for making different types of question to it’s fans and users. Questions are given frequently on a time basis. We can also use to ask question to our friends. So you are now clear what actually it.

Facebook question party

Question by Question Party

Question by Question Party

So what’s problem with it?

The problem is it annoying people by making questions on their wall continuously so people don’t like it. It irritates facebookers in two ways. One way is it posts on it’s fans walls continuously to get answers via comment. Another way is this question party application users has option to post questions on their friends wall. The second one is the most disliked thing. So everybody want to get rid of it.

Any question party user can post on your wall

Any question party user can post on your wall

How do i remove or Block it?

Step One :

If you are a fan or authenticated your Facebook account with it, you can dislike and remove it from your Facebook account. To unlike the question party application, go and at the left bottom corner, look for a link “Unlike“. Click on it. Then to remove this facebook application from your account, read how to remove or delete any facebook application from your account or how to block or stop any facebook application from automatically posting on your wall.

Step Two :

So far I told any question party user in your friend list can post questions on you Facebook wall. But the problem is there is no way to stop any specific application from posting from others. We hope soon Facebook will fix this problem. But you can block all incoming wall posts from others by going to then click “Customize settings“. At custom settings page unmark the “Enable” button at Things others share>> Friends can post on my Wall. Thinking it will help you.

If you have further problems then inform me.


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