Windows password recovery tools are those programs which are used to recover lost windows user login password. These password resetting tools are also can be called as “Password hacking or cracking tools” . Because these softwares also can be used for illegal purpose. But TechGainer is not sharing this for illegal purpose. Remember, there are tons of windows password recovery tools available on the web. But here we gave the list of bests.Let’s see some reviews on these tools:

1. PC Login Now :

PC login Now 2.0 window windows

PC login Now 2.0 window

PC Login Now was one of the best windows password recovery tool I have ever used. PC Login Now comes with very friendly user interface. PC Login Now is an offline password resetting tool which will delete your desired user login information( username and password). Like maximum of other tools it is also offline tool. As I found it very friendly for all users, I made a tutorial on PC Login Now at How to reset windows (NT) XP, 7 password with PC Login Now. Some of my friends reported that, I is not working with their motherboard. I’m not sure why it is occurring but It worked for me.

Download PC Login Now from Here.

2. Koon Boot :

Koon-Boot windows paddword recovery tool windows xp 7

Koon-Boot windows password recovery tool

Kon-Boot is a very tiny tool which can be used to recover both windows and Linux operating system. It allows to log into Linux “root” without password authentication. It also allows to enter into password protected accounts in windows. though it was mainly created for ubuntu, it now also works for some other Linux Distros. Kon-Boot was written in pure x86 assembly, using old grandpa-geezer TASM 4.0 and Kon-Boot was designed to work on X86-32 architectures only.

Normally kon-boot is compatible from CD. But you can also use it from USB/pendrive by taking help on  from Raymond’s forum or on  Kon-Boot USB tutorial on IronGeek. I haven’t been able to get LCP to work for me. If you can use it, please leave comment.

Download kon boot from here.

3. Cain & Abel :


Cain and Able Window windows xp 7

Cain and Abel is a nice free windows password recovery tool. But unlike other tools it requires access to an running administrator tool. It’s not as friendly as other tools. It works fine with windows XP and 7.

Download cain & abel from here.

4. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor :


Windows NT Password & registry Editor

Windows NT Password & registry Editor

Offline NT Password recovery tool is a free offline tool which will simply delete account passwords so you will able to access a protected accounts without entering password. So it’s looks like just as PC Login Now. All windows XP, Vista and 7 has good support with this program.

Download it from here.

5. LCP :


LCP password recovery

Unlike other tools LCP is an online password recovery tool. Because like other normal windows softwares, you need to install it on windows. Thus you need to access at least one account. It’s developed by LCPSoft.

Download it from here.

6. Windows password reset :

windows password reset

windows password reset

Windows password reset is a very simple offline tool which supports all windows NT versions (servers, 2003, XP, Vista, 7) . It also do nothing but just deletes passwords. You have to burn it into a CD. As it’s a pro version, you have to buy it.

Purchase and download it from here.


ophcrack live

ophcrack live

OPHCRACK is one of the smartest password recovery tool I have ever seen. Another thing is that it is open source. OPHCRACK tries to recover your password but if the password is long then it will fail.

Download ophcrack from here.

8. John The Ripper :


John The Ripper

John The Ripper

John the Ripper is a better free tool reset lost passwords. It works fine with all windows XP, vista, and 7. A pro version is also available for Linux.

Download John the Ripper from here.


9. Active Password Changer Professional :


Active password recovery

Active password changer is considered to be the best password recovery tool. That’s why it made as pro version. It’s very easy to use for everyone even for most new computer users. Like other password resetting tools, it cannot retrieve passwords. It just deletes passwords. It can be found both for DOS, and windows edition. The lower price of it is 39.99.

Download it from here.

That’s all. If you know about more better tools, feel free to inform us. We are here to listen to your problems.


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