The Android StoryIt’s no need to mention that Android is a name of a popular mobile phone OS which is owned by web giant Google. Since the android is live on mobile market, it made revolution and changed the market place of other mobile platforms (such as iOS, Symbian, WinCE so on) over night. Android phones could get huge popularity among other phones due to innovation, usability, security and mass app support. I was a big fan of Symbian OS(cause I know what it is!) but now a mad fan of Android.

Android is an embedded OS where it’s core part is derived from Linux kernel(the kernel which power Ubuntu, Red Hat and most servers). However it was October, 2003 when android was founded and Google acquired it at the time of august 2005. The first version of android was launched at 23 September 2008. And continued!

Android developers at XCubeLabs designed a very interesting info-graphic which demonstrates the whole history of android OS. They just sen me a mail with a request to promote it and I really couldn’t sleep without publishing it. They named it “The Android Story“.


Infographic by Android Developers at [x]cubelabs


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