In this technologically blessed era, it’s not difficult to find something that can be used for multiple purposes. The Sony NSX-40GT1 internet TV is one such option, which not only helps you view the internet but also allows you to use such apps that can only be used on a smartphone. What’s more, you can make use of the Google TV to enjoy full browsing capabilities, so there are no restrictions in terms of the number of sites you can visit.

Sony Internet TV NSX 46GT1

Here, it is also quite important to point out that this Internet TV doesn’t support Adobe Flash player, but it has many other good things one can go for. For instance:

  •  This 40-inch Internet TV by Sony comes with built-in Wi-Fi. What makes it a real hit is that it is not like many other internet TVs because it comes with full browsing capabilities. Of course, you will have some issues in terms of accessing the WEB because Adobe Flash player is not available to work with the Google TV. This restricts to you to some extent because some sites require add-ons to be viewed correctly. Still, other features are available that make this internet TV a good choice. For instance, it comes with as many as 12 preinstalled apps; some of them include Napster Digital Music Service, Pandora Radio, CNBC Real Time, Netflix, NBA Game Time, and Sony Recommends. Though it feels that “12” preinstalled applications would leave you unsatisfied, you won’t have much to carp about with full browsing capabilities available; this helps you visit millions of websites.
  • TV specs are quite interesting as well. The 40-inch LED screen is the first to grab your attention. It comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. You get an amazing viewing experience when this resolution and screen size is combined with the fact that this internet TV plays movies at a rate of 24fps. With a 16:9 aspect ratio and DNR of 4,000,000:1, it manages to provide you with a four-millisecond response time. This internet TV comes with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which may be a bit slower as compared to other HDTV models out there, but it doesn’t affect its performance to a big extent. You may only notice the slower refresh rate if you have sensitive eyes. But to compensate for this, it comes with the light sensor technology that changes the brightness of your screen according to the light conditions in your room; this maximizes picture quality by minimizing glare. Some other specs include one composite input, four HDMI inputs, one component input, one LAN port, four USB ports, and a digital audio out. For those who need good sound, it provides them with two 10-watt speakers; this can be improved by adding an additional sound system through the digital audio out.
  • It scores well as far as peripheral integration is concerned. The internet TV comes with a Sony remote, along with a QWERTY keyboard. It allows you to conduct searches and types URLs. Your smartphone can also be used as a remote for this internet TV, which allows you to watch TV along with sharing things on Facebook. It is also LAN compatible.

The fact of the matter is that the Sony NSX-40GT1 internet TV is a perfect way of accessing the internet in a computer-like environment, and that’s due to the Google TV evolution. And to top it all, Sony’s great customer service is available to assist you with the type of internet TV experience you expect.


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