Check Out Various Options to Reduce Environmental Risk of E-Wastes Are you too one of those users who replace her mobile phones every 18 months? In a world of constant technology upgrades, the volume of e-wastes generated from discarded electronic equipment like computer, mobile and camera, etc. has crossed 2 million tons in the UK alone.
But some serious measures must be taken that is the need of the hour and e-wastes can be reduced by reusing or recycling. Like, you can go for a recycling firm before going for a new one.

Try any of the following options to minimise the environmental risk of e-wastes:

A. Opt for green gadgets

Wanting to buy a new computer or mobile phone? Choose one that will generate less waste:
Search for various sites on green electronics and find ranking of the leading manufactures in personal computers, mobile phones, TVs and games consoles based on their policies on toxic emissions, recycling and global warming. Take the help of online search for green products. Some sites even offer useful suggestions like how to fix and extend the life of your electronics, etc. Try to find products with ENERGY STAR logo, indicating their power conserving efficiency that again helps you save on your bills.

B. Sell or reuse your products; don’t thrash it to gather dust

You can donate your mobile handset or laptop to a friend or send it to a charity through recycling, if it’s in good working condition. A product in usable condition will thus be donated for a good cause instead of throwing it into the cupboard to gather dust. Many mobile phone recycling firms and drop-off sites for electronic items are available nationwide that support charity programmes directly or indirectly. They either donate the recycled phones to the charity firm or donate a certain portion of their sale proceeds earned from recycling. If you want to make money by selling your electronic goods, you can take the help of sites like eBay.

C. Find recycling options in your area

Make recycling a convenient job for you. Find the nearest recycling center in your locality that accepts some particular recyclable items – like computers, phones compact fluorescent light bulbs, etc.

D. Go for an incentive scheme for recycling

If you’re looking for some incentive to recycle, you can earn points from recycling program.

E. Opt for manufacturer and retail recycling

Several manufacturers and retailers run a voluntary take back program. Here are few recycling programs run by some of the top global brands:

  • You can participate in Apple’s recycling program in which it accepts computer for purchasing a new Mac.
  • Sony too offers free recycling program with collection boxes available in retail stores across the country.
  • You can also recycle your electronic devices at popular retail stores like BestBuy.
  • Some major stores offer free recycling of rechargeable batteries to customers.


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