Whenever someone buys a new iPhone, one of the inevitable questions that they are asked by the sales assistant is, “Would you like insurance with that?” While most people would decline this without a second thought, there are definitely a number of reasons why consumers should consider this offer a bit more closely and perhaps even take them up on it.

Iphone Broken

Other types of insurance are easier for us to realize that we need (or in the case of car insurance – we usually don’t have a choice if we have a car since car insurance is required by law in most states). Health insurance is something that almost all us realize is the responsible thing to purchase. Home insurance is required by our mortgage company if we have a mortgage on our home.

It can’t be forgotten that this phone is undoubtedly the most expensive and desirable phone on the current mobile market. This means that there are risks associated with ownership that other phone owners do not may not have to consider, unless they too have the distinction of owning this cell phone. But what exactly are these reasons for taking out insurance?


All phones can be damaged, but there are two main reasons why the iPhone is more susceptible than others to this. Both of these add up to there being a significant risk associated with them when it comes to the subject of a cell phone’s robustness and longevity.

Firstly, the iPhone has one of the largest screens of any cell, which is both a positive and negative factor in the design. Although this large screen allows for a great user experience, with the ability to both play games and watch movies on it, it also adds greatly to the overall frailty of the device. With the larger screen there is a much more chance of it being cracked or damaged in some other way, and as the screen is the most fragile component, should it be knocked against a hard object it is likely to become damaged.

This risk of damaging the screen is especially evident in some areas of different lifestyles and employments, where there are enhanced risks. For example, those with children will know all too well just how curious they can be, which could end up with a broken iPhone if left unattended. Those who work in areas like construction could also be at risk, as they are susceptible to being knocked into or taking a spill more than most people are.

Secondly, the iPhone is used far more than any other phone on the market. While other phones are used for text messages and calls, the iPhone can be used for emails, games, movies, browsing online and downloading apps. This combined uses mean that it will be in the user’s hand for a lot longer, increasing the possibility of it being dropped and therefore damaged.


Mobile phones are one of the most stolen items in the US, with thousands being taken every single day by unscrupulous thieves who have no problems taking anything they want. These opportunistic criminals don’t just operate in one particular area, but all over the cities and towns of the US. With the iPhone having a great resale value to them and also being easy to hack, they will always target this make of phone first.

While getting insurance won’t stop an owner from losing all of their photos and contacts should their iPhone be stolen, at least they won’t have lost out in monetary terms. With a SIM free iPhone costing hundreds of dollars to buy, the insurance will more than earn its keep by providing another cell free of charge, or at least sending a check for the amount that has already been paid out.

Peace of Mind

Although people generally tend to take insurance out mainly for the two reasons above, they both add up to this point, which is peace of mind for any owner. There really is no point in owning an iPhone should the owner be afraid that if they use it they could break it or if they get it out in public they could have it stolen. The insurance basically provides the owner with the freedom to do what they want with their phone regardless of the consequences.

So, as can be seen there are many compelling cases for taking out insurance for a new iPhone, all of which will protect the owner from large expenses in the future should any unplanned incident occur. As insurance is only a small fee per month for an iPhone, most American households won’t even notice it leave their bank account, meaning that if it is needed it’s like getting a new cell phone for free!

For those that rejected the chance at the shop to take out iPhone insurance but are now wishing they had, there are numerous companies that are willing to offer this service. A quick check online should uncover many of these, all offering different cover plans for different prices.


Susannah is an insurance writer who specializes in auto, home, life, and health insurance. She would encourage you to check out this car insurance guide and this guide to filing an auto insurance claim. When she is not doing insurance research she can usually be found power walking around her neighborhood with her walking group.