When you need to upload a video to YouTube, generally it requires to visit yotube.com then login and upload videos using web based uploader. But if you want to save your time and want to upload your videos directly to YouTube from your desktop, you are lucky that there is a free desktop software (can be called YouTube uploader client) named “Free YouTube Uploader” for windows developed by DVDVideoSoft which let’s you directly upload any types of one or multiple videos to YouTube very simply. So you don’t need to use original YouTube interface and save valuable time. If you often upload videos, this program will be a good companion for you as it supports batch mode upload.

Now Free YouTube Uploader is able to upload bigger files (up to 1 GB), to show real time progress of the uploading process as well as to set videos as private or public.

YouTube Uploader Overview

Developer: DVDVideoSoft
License: Free!
Current Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Current Size : ~17MB
Home Page and Download: dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-YouTube-Uploader.htm
Important Features:

  • Upload multiple videos at one time.
  • Ability to add Title, Description and Tag for every videos.
  • Choose category and set video as public or private.
  • Real time progress bar while uploading.
  • Option for configuring proxy.

How to Upload Videos to YouTube using YouTube Uploader Application

# Step 1: First download it, install and lunch the YouTube uploader program. It will look like below

free youtube uploader for desktop windows

# Step 2: Now you must tell the software about your login information(don’t worry, it doesn’t sends your login elsewhere) by clicking on “Change Account“. Then enter your YouTube username(or email address) and password. You can set the program to remember your account information and you can change it any time.

Provide your yotube login information to login into youtube
# Step 3: Now select your desired videos to upload into youtube by clicking on “Add Files“. You can add more than one file. You can add information about your file(s) to help other Internet users to find your video(s) on YouTube. If you want to customize parameters, please select one of your video files and fill out the fields (Title, Description, Tags, Category and Privacy) with relevant information.

(If need you can also use proxy. To configure proxy, click “Use proxy server” option to use a proxy server. Then enter Address and Port. You can find information about proxy Address and Port in your browser settings. For Internet Explorer users go to Tools->Internet Options->Connections tab->LAN Settings. For Firefox users go to Tools->Options->Advanced tab->Network tab->Settings. For Google Chrome, Tools> Options> Under the hood >Network > Change Proxy.)

select video files in free youtube uploader#Step 4: After providing all informations about you videos, click on Upload to upload videos on YouTube. The uploading time depends of on our video size, number of videos and connection speed.

Download Free YouTube Uploader from here or here(Direct link).


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