MediaFire Desktop for Windows and OS X has feature to sync only specific folders. You can use it to do selective sync while saving large amount to bandwidth and storage locally.

MediaFire is one of the most popular file sharing websites out there. Though it’s mostly used by pirates to share copyrighted contents, it’s popular among non-pirate users too. It provides 50GB of online storage to free users and also come with a desktop client.

Sync particular folders in MediaFire Desktop

MediaFire’s sync client “MediaFire Desktop” which is available for Windows and Mac aims at helping its users to sync files between online and desktop easily. Once you put a file in MediaFire folder on your local drive, it will automatically be synced to online storage and vise-verse. But in-case you have low-bandwidth or short space on local drive, syncing all files may pose the problem for you if you have big files stored in MediaFire.

MediaFire team is already concerned about this and has added option to select folders only which you want to sync. Here’s how to do it. The following guide is made on Windows 10 Technical Preview, but this is identical to Mac version too.

Guide to Sync Specific Folders with MediaFire Desktop

  1. Right-click on MediaFire Desktop icon from Windows System Tray, then select Settings > Preferences.
    Access MediaFire Preferences
  2. Navigate to the tab Sync Folder and mark “Choose which folders to sync to this computer“.
    Enable selective sync
  3. Now select the folders you want to sync.
    Select which folders to sync
  4. Once done, hit Apply.

However, MediaFire already offers selective sync option at the first run of the client. But you can use above procedure to change the setting at any time.


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