Pending friend requests on Facebook are actually those requests which are not confirmed yet. Every Facebook user wants to know which friend requests  are not reached or confirmed. In past, Facebook didn’t use to let users check their friend requests, but recently they have made the feature official. So after you know how to view it, you no more have to ask someone or somewhere “Where can I view my friend requests I’ve sent?” or “How do I cancel Facebook pending friend requests?”


How to Check Pending Friend Requests you have Sent

Step 1: Go to your homepage on desktop. Then click on “Heads” icon from top-right corner as shown below.

Click heads icon

Step 2: After clicking there, you will be shown a drop-down window. There, click on “Find Friends” as shown below.

Click "Find Friends"

Step 3: Now in the new page, from top-left corner, hit “View Set Requests”!

View sent requests

You will be served with list of your pending friend requests!

List of facebook pending friend requests

Happy Checking! This also helps you to cancel any pending requests.


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