When you browse any file(s) , folder(s) or program(s), every operating system try to remember that and makes a clear report on your computer file browsing history. So you may need to clear that data to protect you privacy. For windows, I have already described how to delete your all file browsing history from windows XP, Vista and 7. But also for ubuntu Linux or ubuntu based derivatives users, I have made a very clear and easy way to cleanup your PC browsing history. Remember this tutorial will also applied for all Linux OS(s) which are based on Ubuntu. For example, Linux Mint, Back Track etc. all are Ubuntu derivatives.

recent history in Ubuntu

Way to Delete Recent Documents Records on Ubuntu :

1. At “Custom menu bar“, go to “Places” > “Recent Documents” > “Clear recent Documents”.

clear recent documents at ubuntu

clear recent documents at ubuntu

If you are using mint menu, this can be done with following way on screenshot.

clear recent history from ubuntu/linux mint

clear recent history from Ubuntu/Linux mint

What to do if you don’t get the “Places link“?

By default, “Places” link can be found on Ubuntu at Task/Panel bar’s “Custom menu bar”. If you are not using ubuntu, you may manually need to add “Custom menu bar” to panel. I have already described how to add any application shortcut to Ubuntu panel.

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