In the past, there have been many obstacles that have stopped the average person from making their own music. However, most of these obstacles are now gone thanks to cloud computing. No longer does a person have to purchase expensive software to competently edit, record, and mix their own music. Those types of applications can now be accessed through regular internet browsers for free. Thanks to cloud computing technology. Below is a list of five of these amazing programs.

Produce music online on web browser

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One such program is known as Otomata. It is available online free of charge. This program allows people to compose music with the simple click of the mouse. It’s extremely simplistic in design and easy for anyone to pick up.

A person can compose music by clicking on cells within a box. You can choose to send those cells left, right, up, or down. Once you press play, it releases these cells. When the cells hit a wall in the box, it produces a sound in a certain pitch that is determined by where the collision takes place in the box and other settings such tempo and scale.

Audio Sauna

Another website that takes advantage of the power of cloud computing is Audio Sauna. This website gives you access to powerful production tools that once were only available to individuals that could afford to buy or rent very expensive synthesizers, drum machines, and other audio production equipment.

Tools available in this site’s music production suite include a digital keyboard, synthesizers, low-pass and high-pass filters, a channel mixer, and more. It’s like having high tech music studio right on your web browser.

 Produce music online on web browser

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Audio Tool

Another great free resource is Audio Tool. Like Audio Sauna, Audio Tool gives you direct access to digital production tools such as synthesizers and drum machines. However, it does more than let you produce music. It also allows you to record vocals and instrumentals through the microphone application and edit them in the Audio Tool digital studio.

This program is also great for newcomers. It comes with a number of templates such as “dubstep” and “techno” that can be used as a starting point. Audio Tool is available both as a browser program and as an app, allowing people to edit and record music nearly anywhere.

Tone Matrix

Another fun online program is Tone Matrix. Like Otomata, this tool was designed to be very intuitive and easy to pick up for just about anyone. Also like Otomata, it allows people to construct music by simply clicking on different grid spaces within a box.

This box, however, is actually a 16 step sequencer. It can allow you to create complex compositions that rival anything that could be produced by an ordinary keyboard. It is also extremely addictive. You may find yourself spending a lot of free time to see what different tunes you can come up with, using this very simple tool.

Soundation Studio

Lastly, but certainly not least, is Soundation Studio. Like other online digital music suites, this online program grants you access to a plethora of different production and mixing tools. However, Soundation has certain great resources not available elsewhere. This includes a large loop library as well as digital tools that reproduce the sounds of acoustic instruments.

Using this digital studio, you can edit and record your music. You can also use the studio’s tools to post your music on your website so you can share it with others.

In Conclusion

Due to the advent of the internet and cloud computing, being forced to pay for expensive studio time or the assistance of a sound engineer to create polished music has come to an end. Paying for expensive programs like Pro Tools may also be a thing of the past as well.

This is due to the fact that many of the same exact tools are now available for absolutely free to anyone that has internet access. The introduction of even more advanced tools and features such as online collaboration between different musicians shouldn’t be too far off either. The face of music is certain to change forever.



Ruben Corbo is a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find internet service providers in your area and compare prices on different deals for your mobile broadband needs. In turn you can some internet provider reviews on the website as well. When Ruben is not writing he is in his mini studio composing and producing music for short films and other visual arts.