Google Drive, an online storage service provided by Google lets you store your files to the cloud and share those with others. To sync your Google Drive files and folders with desktop, Google provides a client software for both Windows PC and Mac. Once you download Google Drive client on your PC, you can give your login information to it and it will start to download and sync files on a default location on your Documents directory on Windows. To upload a file to Google Drive, you can simply put the file to that location and the client will automatically upload it to online to keep files in sync.

Google Drive

The default location or address Google Drive uses to store and sync all files and folders is C:\Users\<user>\Google Drive. It also creates a shortcut to the Windows Explorer Favorites entry. So to store or get any file from Google Drive, the default location is your only destination if you are not using browser. However in some cases, you might need to alter the default storage location and change it to a custom directory you want. While many folks believe that it can’t be changed, Google Drive has official support to change default location. No matter you are yet to install Google Drive, or already using Google Drive on your PC, I am giving you the walk through to change the location to a custom directory. Use the method that applies to you:

Extra Tip: Create and edit text files in Google Drive.

Method 1: At Installation Time

  1. At the installation of Google Drive software, after signing in, it will show you a wizard. In the last wizard screen, click on Advanced Setup button instead of clicking Done.
    Click Advanced Setup
  2. In Advanced Setup window, under Sync options tab, click Change from Folder Location as shown below.
    Change destination
  3. Then select or create your desired location from selection window and click Ok. Here’s my custom folder location:
    New Location
  4. Now hit Start sync. And it’s done.

Method 2: After Installation and Signed in

  1. Right-click on Google Drive icon on system tray and click Preference.
    Access Drive Preference
  2. In the Preference window, under Account tab, click Disconnect Account. Review what it says and go ahead.
    Disconnect Account
  3. After disconnection, again right-click on system tray icon and click Sign in.
  4. Now you can continue to follow Method 1.

In the send method, the old folder will remain to its location and you need to delete it manually.

Another method is to quit Google Drive and move the default folder to the desired folder, and then launch Google Drive and locate the changed location when it ask to locate. However that didn’t work for me as it showed error.


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