The official Dropbox app for desktop is a great way to sync your files automatically with Dropbox cloud storage without accessing Dropbox on your browser. However Dropbox uses a predefined folder where it stores all files and folders of your Dropbox account. The default Dropbox folder is located at C:\Users\username\ on Windows. But you can alter the location and change it to any folder, directory or drive you want.

Note: Whatever directory or folder you choose for usage by Dropbox client, it will automatically create a subfolder naming Dropbox on which it will keep files. Renaming this folder will stop Dropbox from working.

Extra Tip: Sync a folder that is outside of Dropbox folder.

Dropbox software has an option to change the Default folder location used by it. Most users actually don’t notice it. You can do it either at installation time or anytime after installation. This way, you can also change Google Drive default folder on Windows.

Change Dropbox Default Folder (at Installation Time)

  1. Right after you added your Account, in connection confirmation window, click on Advanced settings from bottom.
    Click on Advanced Settings
  2. In Advanced settings window, click on drop-down arrow next to the location address. Then click Other.
    Select to change location
  3. Point your desired location and hit OK.

You are done!

Change Dropbox Default Folder (after Installation)

  1. Right-click on Dropbox system tray icon from right corner of your taskbar. Click on Gear icon and then hit Preference.
    Dropbox Preference from System Tray
  2. In Preference screen, under Account tab, click on Move.
    Move Dropbox Location
  3. Choose the location where you want to put Dropbox folder. Then click OK.
  4. Again click OK when it asks for confirmation. Dropbox will move its Dropbox folder from previous location to your chosen location.
  5. Done!

Note: If you are choosing any external driver, be careful to keep it connected. Otherwise Dropbox will stop working.


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