Images are a part of web contents. Today, more than 95% of web pages has graphical content. Whenever we load a webpage, the browser tries to load all contents of the page to fully render the page to you. However, sometimes your browser fails to load one or two images of the page you loaded. That time your browsers shows a tiny broken image icon in the place of the image – meaning that there’s an image here which couldn’t be loaded. This mostly happens because of connection problem.

Reload a broken image from context menu

When you find you browser couldn’t load all images properly, you have to reload the whole page again to bring unloaded images back. It would be useful if you could reload a target image without needing of reloading the whole website or page. Though some modern browsers like Firefox will show a “Reload Image” option in its context menu when you right-click on a broken image (the image Firefox had problem to render/load), Chrome lacks this feature. On Chrome browser, you need to reload the whole page again to try loading unloaded image files. This is disgusting for many of us, specially if you are a web developer who works with big web frameworks which will get broken if you reload the page. Hopefully, there’s a Chrome extension that got us covered.

“Reload Image” Extension for Chrome

Reload Image, an old but still useful extension for Chrome developed by PAEz will add a Reload Image option to the context menu when you right-click on any broken, partially loaded or fully loaded image. This is one of the features may Chrome users have been missing for long time.

How to use “Reload Image” to Chrome Context Menu

  1. Install Reload Image extension from Chrome web store.
  2. Right-click on the image you want to reload, no matter it’s broken or loaded.
    Reload Image extension for Chrome
  3. Click on Reload Image and it will force reload the image without affecting the page.

Reload Image extension is must be useful for those Chrome users who want to reload images without reloading whole page. It saves a lot time while increasing productivity.


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