Kids friendly Apps for iOSYou may have been using your phone as a necessary utility, but you will be surprised at how far an iPnone or iPod can keep your little ones entertained. There are days when you take your kids along for an outing and just as you are about to eat, their demands for attention may escalate. These are the times when you can entertain them with your apps and see how quite they can become, while you finish what you are doing. There are many friendly apps for kids these days, which are bound to keep them happy and occupied, as they are great as child pacifiers. You can even download these new iPhone apps from the internet. Here are some of the most popular children’s apps for those difficult days.

1. Fairies fly

This is one app which is suitable for your little girl if she is into Disney world and movies. Here, she can navigate Tinkerbell and her friends through clouds, trees and insects like she is a part of the whole pack. This could be the best thing as far as coming close to her imaginative world in a most amazing and fun way.

2. Zippo lighter

Now this is playing with fire but it is much safer and stress free for you. At least, your kid will not indulge in actually striking up matches which seems to be a fascination for them. With the Zippo lighter, they can spend hours without actually setting anything on fire.

3. The wheels on the bus

Your kid can sing along with this famous interactive song which comes in French, Spanish, English, and other languages of your choice. The fun part is your kid can sing record his own voice and play along with the song. The song takes the kids along a bus ride through various stops and meeting the townspeople.

4. Battlestar Galactica cyclone detector

This is an app which is an early introduction for your kid towards Sci-fi and the characters within. In this game, your kid can take photos and examine whether the subject is a cyclone. Kids will love these composited photos of themselves in the BSG outfits.

5. Subway shuffle light

This is a good brain builder for kids as they find the game very engaging. Here, they will be kept busy trying to remove all obstacles, enabling the train to move from one station to another smoothly.

6. Ocarina

For kids who love to hum and sing, there is nothing like this iPhone where they can blow into the phone’s mike to create the wind instrument version. They will have a great time, tapping on the appropriate spots on the screen and modulating their breath to coordinate with the screen tapping.

7. Scoops

This is exciting for very little kids as they can create their own ice cream scoops at will. There are tomatoes and onions which should be avoided while the kid tilts the iPhone to slide the ice cream back and forth. This enables the user to catch ice cream scoops while avoiding the onions and tomatoes.

These are some of the sweet apps which any kid will have a fascination for. These apps will keep them quiet, happy and concentrated on their tasks, making things easier for you as well.


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