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TechGainer is a blog site which is dedicated for all updated free computer tips and tricks for daily life computer problems. You will get those under different categories including Ethical Hacking, Social Media, Facebook, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, Free Softwares, Software Recommendation, useful links and more! TechGainer always emphasize on it’s readers to solve the problems what they are facing with their computers. So it always try to share an information in such a way that will really help the readers and readers will definitely learn something extra! If you would like to become a contributing editor of TechGainer, check out write us page.

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The guy behind TechGainer.Com is Jaber Al Nahian Suzon also known as “rijans”(online identity nick name). He is the admin and editor of TechGainer. Rijans is an online entrepreneur  and BCSE student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is addicted to technology blogging and contributing in several blogs.

Something in rijans’s Own Words

rijans (Jaber Al Nahian Suzon) editor, admin, CEO of TechGainer.Com

rijans (Jaber Al Nahian Suzon)

Hi, this is rijans from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I cannot understand you how much I addicted to computers and online surfing. So I selected computer for my life guideline and now I am running my B.Sc on Computer Science and Engineering. I always love to being busy with computers and analyze on critical things to learn something from it and to make it easier for other people. You can also treat me as SEO expert. Linux is my favorite OS. My ambition is to become a Pro Blogger, Security Expert, Programmer and Ethical Hacker.

TechGainer.Com is my primary blog where I share all possible troubleshooting on computers on online problems. Here all post written by me are actually my own words. So if you want to know more about me, then the best way is to read my posts. Listen. you may get some very simple tips here written by me. Remember, TechGainer is for all types of computer users, not only for geeks.

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If you want to contact with me, then feel free to directly send me mail at [email protected] or [email protected] . If you need to send special message regarding to TechGainer, then use our contact us page. I am also available on Facebook at Facebook.com/rijans and also at Twitter/rijans  and Google +.

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