While the rate at which technology changes and improves can sometimes be overwhelming and even frustrating — especially when you purchase a new piece of hardware only to find that a newer one has just been released — the benefits of technology’s advancements far outweigh the costs.

iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone users are currently experiencing this cost-benefit trade-off; the iPhone 4S recently replaced the iPhone 4, giving Apple fans yet another reason to open their wallets.  Many customers, however, are hesitant to shell out another $100-$400 for a phone that at first glance doesn’t offer any significant upgrades to what is already a great product.

But looks, as they say, can be deceiving.

Underneath the case the houses the iPhone 4S there are 5 remarkable changes to the hardware that make the 4S the best iPhone yet.

1. The A5 processor chip

While the A5 is still only a single core processor (rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will have the A6, which is a dual core), it offers twice the processing speed of its predecessor, which means that processes, programs, multitasking, and apps will all be faster and more efficient, with less lag, so you can do what you need and want to more quickly.

2. The dual core graphics processor, along with the upgraded still and video cameras

While Apple has always been known for its multimedia capabilities, the iPhone 4S represents a new standard in stunning visuals, which are now seven times faster than they were before.  That means that everything you see will be lighting fast, and ultra-responsive.  Furthermore, the graphics processor drives t